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Leave everything to our packing services in Northampton

If you have a lot of belongings to move and are facing a hard task, then our packing services can take over for you. Whether for your home or business, we'll make sure that everything is boxed up correctly and labelled so you know what belongs where when we unload on the other side!


We'll assist you with the full packing of your property or we can just lend a hand with the smaller and fragile items depending on what you need assistance with. You can also ask us to help with the unpacking on the other side - we can do everything for you!

Need just the packing supplies?

If you'd prefer to box up your possessions yourself, we can provide all of the packing supplies that you need. Whether for small and fragile items or you'd like to prevent your large furniture from getting damaged, we can help you.

Here to make your life easier

  • Full and part packing services

  • Unpacking at your new property

  • Packing supplies available

  • Dismantling and reassembly of large furniture

Flat packing your larger items

Would you like some help dismantling your bookshelves and reassembling them at your new home? No problem! Our surveyors will view your items and price them accordingly. Divan beds are dismantled for free.

Can't face the task of packing your items? Our packing services will take care of it for you! Call us in Northampton on

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